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Commodity Channel Index (CCI) | Forex Indicators Guide

There are a number of ways to use the Commodity Channel Index , or CCI, as either the basis of, or an element of, a forex trading strategy. Although the name clearly indicates the CCI was originally developed for use in commodity futures trading, like nearly every other technical indicator, the CCI has been readily adopted by forex traders. The CCI is an oscillator, an indicator primarily designed to help traders detect when a market is overbought or oversold, and is thus likely to see a reversal in direction and retracement.

cci forex

The CCI essentially presents a calculation between current price, a moving average of price and standard or "normal" deviations from that moving average. The most straightforward use of the CCI to create a forex trading strategy is to simply trade accordingly when the CCI indicates overbought or oversold market conditions. Traders usually look at a trade like this as an opportunity to enter an ongoing trend at a favorable price.

In an uptrending market, they look for a retracement to the downside, and when the CCI reading indicates the market is extremely oversold, with a reading greater than , they then enter a buy trade, expecting the market to turn and resume its overall uptrend and hopefully move to new highs.

For example, if the 1. That market condition makes it more likely the 1. The CCI can also be used purely for divergence trading. Using the CCI this way, a trader is not very concerned with the absolute value of the CCI reading but instead merely watches for divergence between market price and changes in the CCI reading.

Any instance when a market's price continues to rise higher, while the CCI reading moves down toward the negative, or end of its scale, is an indication of divergence, leading the trader to consider initiating a short position in the market. The CCI is a versatile enough technical trading indicator to allow it to be incorporated into a variety of forex trading strategies. Dictionary Term Of The Day.

cci forex

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Sophisticated content for financial advisors around investment strategies, industry trends, and advisor education. How do I use Commodity Channel Index CCI when creating a forex trading strategy? Maverick December 3, — 1: Use the commodity channel index to identify good, low-risk trading opportunities, and look at a variety of CCI technical Learn about some of the most basic trading strategies generated through the commodity channel index, a technical momentum Read about some of the primary differences between the relative strength index RSI and the commodity channel index CCI.

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cci forex

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